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   Nothing tops the drama and thrill of live
   theatre so why not make the west end
   part of your London weekend.


There’s nothing quite like the excitement, the tension, the laughs and the razzle-dazzle of a real, live theatre show in one of the top regional playhouses, or in London’s legendary West End. It’s unmissable, and unforgettable.

In one sense, a theatre break is a bit like a fine dinner. You can either organise it all yourself, with all the hassle that involves, or you can eat out and let someone else do the work.

But there’s one big difference. Restaurants always cost more than eating at home. It’s not the same with our theatre breaks. Because of our buying power we’re able to offer you rates that are often cheaper than if you did it all yourself.

So think of us as your bargain value theatre ‘restaurant’, with the equivalent of quick snacks and big spreads on our menu. We do all the ‘cooking’, the quality control, the market haggling, the taste testing and the spoon cleaning, while you get the star treatment and the quality service.

In short:

You only have to dial one phone number, not five or fifteen (or you could just click here)

We do all the technical stuff and we don’t forget anything (we’re good at this)

You get a choice of long and short-duration theatre breaks

And a choice of travel options

Hotels are guaranteed 4 star quality, and all vetted by us

Bargain rates (we’re good at haggling too)

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